Is this train on fire?!

Nothing has placed me in as much trouble as my procrastination habit has. From leaving important deadlines to the last minute, to spending hundreds on plane tickets due to lack of planning, it reached its peak last August.  I caught the 13:30 train to Genova from a small seaside town in Italy called Loano. I missed the 12:30 train because sleeping in and having a 2 hour breakfast was more important to me. The problem was, the 13:30 train broke down in the middle of nowhere due to an electrical fire, which resulted in crowds of people rushing off the train. Since the concept of customer service is unknown in Italy, the Tren Italia representative  didn’t seem to be concerned with the fact that all of the passengers (mainly the foreigners like me) were stranded in the countryside since there was an overall interruption in rail travel. So what did I do? I did exactly what they tell you NOT to do. I paid a passerby in a car to take me to the following train station in the next town over, risking the possibility of being attacked by a serial killer, or an escaped criminal, or whatever. He didn’t look like one though… (I know I’m not making a strong case). I finally made it to Genova, alive, and was able to take the overnight train to Milan, without obviously receiving any compensation from Tren Italia because you would have to lose a limb in order for that to happen. As for the procrastination part, this kind of event serves as a wake up call for most people – unfortunately, in my case, it seems to be an incurable disease.



2 thoughts on “Is this train on fire?!

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