The one where you feel grateful.

Prompt: Life just isn’t the same without your trusty sidekick. For this week’s writing challenge, tell us about your partner in crime.

The first words I ever said to my partner in crime were “get the f*ck out of here! you’re annoying.”
About a month later I fell in love with him though, how’s that for a paradox?

We were studying abroad in the same Spanish city. We were both football(soccer) fans. Unfortunately, our teams were playing one another, so we were both cursing each other’s team.
We met again later at a football match where the local city team was playing at home. I was “oh hell, you guys know that assh*ole from the bar?”
We sat next to one another and I was really mean and he asked me out

See: The one where you fall in love.

We compliment each other in the right way, just like any crime fighting team should (I’m definitely Batman by the way, he’s Robin – let’s make that clear).

We were born and raised on two different continents. When I get angry I cry, and he makes a series of hand gestures that probably have some sort of meaning.
He’s rational, I’m emotional. I exaggerate everything and he tells me to relax. He can cook better than I can, but that’s not saying much – besides if you’re from Italy it kind of runs in your gene pool, doesn’t it?

The reason he’s my sidekick is because he’s always there. When you reach your mid-twenties, finish school, and get a job, your social circle shrinks quite a bit. You begin to value people you can have a great conversation with, and those who listen to your hopes and worries rather than a good night out on the town.

Living abroad really sent the message home. When you’re living a million miles away and constantly saying hello and goodbye, fewer people stay in your life. Your heart becomes a home for those who count, and my Italian version of Robin has the master bedroom.
Maybe I should have gone with the Mario and Luigi combo?


2 thoughts on “The one where you feel grateful.

  1. Hi! I’m responding here because when I tried to respond in the community pool, I kept getting a “script won’t respond” message. I hope you don’t mind.

    I love diaries. I especially love travel diaries, and yours looks interesting. As a long-time diarist, I just have a couple of bits of advice:

    1. Your paragraph formatting looks a little glitchy from here. Could be from my end, but some of your paragraphs have spaces, some don’t.

    2. When you keep a diary online, it’s always a bit scary to go into too much detail. If you don’t, though, it can become much less interesting. The way I’ve dealt in the past with that is, if I describe in general something in my life I want to keep private (“Stressful day at work…”) I try to include other details to make up for it. (“On my walk home this evening I potted a guy crouched behind a pillar aiming his camera at the entrance to the Fairmount hotel. Private detective? Papparazzi?”)

    3. This is just a general bit of advice — only post things YOU would find interesting if someone else posted it.

    4. And finally, don’t FORCE yourself to post every day. If you do the blog will quickly become drudgery, and it will show in your posts.

    Anyway, that’s all my feedback. Hope it helps.


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