Everything, and nothing.

The supple raindrops on car windshields parked in nameless towns

are made of the same matter as the ice crystals

forming at the peak of Mount Everest.

The words you yell in hate,560585_10100764466614829_680102236_n

and confess in love,

invoke the same emotions in every language.

You are breathing the same air as your worst enemy.

You are entangled in a complex pattern, of the living

and the departed.

Your potential is infinite yet bounded

by the enslavement that exists in your mind

and nowhere else.



Love and Time Travel

As a response to today’s prompt – a book I am currently rereading again is “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger. The first time I read this book was in August of 2011, when I came home to visit my parents in Canada since I was living in Barcelona at the time. Here I am, 3 years later, rereading the same book, on the same bench in the garden where I was last time, the only thing that has changed is that I live in Italy now (oh and I’m a lot smarter and wiser of course).

I started reading it for nostalgic purposes, but it’s definitely a good book. It’s a love story about a man who finds himself displaced in time, and can travel both into the future and his past. I’m not into lame love stories, and this book isn’t written like one. I also like fiction with a bit of a twist and some imagination, so it’s a good fit for me.

I’m currently packing my suitcase and I’ve got a long flight ahead, so if anyone can recommend a book that would hold my attention on a 9 hour plane ride, I would greatly appreciate it!